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The Day a Half Ton of Nazi Uranium Entered Portsmouth Harbor

U-234 in Portsmouth Harbor, May 1945(Published May 2008)

As the German U-boat entered Portsmouth Harbor with a cargo of a half ton of Nazi-produced uranium, it eventually became clear that the world would never be the same again. In the short term, this development probably hastened the end of WWII. In time, the capture of U-234 would help propel the U.S. into the space age.

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Death Photo of Famed War Reporter Ernie Pyle Surfaces after 63 Years

From the Wright Museum's Collection(Published February 2008)

By Richard Pyle, Associated Press
Originally Published February 4, 2008

NEW YORK — (Note: After this article was published, The Associated Press learned that the death photo of Ernie Pyle was published at least twice, in a 1979 newspaper article and a 1982 book).

The figure in the photograph is clad in Army fatigues, boots and helmet, lying on his back in peaceful repose, folded hands holding a military cap. Except for a thin trickle of blood from the corner of his mouth, he could be asleep.

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N.H. Connection to the Sinking of the Bismarck

Matchsticks and Memories Tell the Story of an Enduring Friendship

Matchstick Model of the HMS Rodney(Published May 2007)

One eventful summer and several hundred cigarettes later, Lloyd Badman had a story to tell. Where Shakespeare preferred iambic pentameter and Michelangelo’s medium of choice was Italian white marble, Lloyd could work wonders with matchsticks.

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